Crescent 1891, Chicago USA

This Crescent nr. 1 is a beautiful safety from the USA. The owner thinks it is the 1891 model. It has a very low-built frame, which was a trend for the American manufacturers in 1891-1892. They were working towards the final diamond frame, but at that time they hadn't found it yet, that's clear. This Crescent was not the most expensive model of those days, but compare it to the Sterling, which was built only 2 or 3 years later. What a development they made in such a short period!
Very interesting is the eccentric bracket, meant to adjust the chain. We see this moreoften on British bicycles from the 1900-1915 period, but it's quite rare on safeties. I also love the Lucas King of the Road lamp. It's a pity the mudguards are missing, but you can't have it all. The badge attached looks quite right, but this bicycle is really a Crescent nr. 1, not a Crescent nr. 15.  
Serial number is 15743, engraved under the bracket.